Target name

P35968: Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2

  Protein function

Tyrosine-protein kinase that acts as a cell-surface receptor for VEGFA, VEGFC and VEGFD. Plays an essential role in the regulation of angiogenesis, vascular development, vascular permeability, and embryonic hematopoiesis. Promotes proliferation, survival, migration and differentiation of endothelial cells. Promotes reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton. Isoforms lacking a transmembrane domain, such as isoform 2 and isoform 3, may function as decoy receptors for VEGFA, VEGFC and/or VEGFD. Isoform 2 plays an important role as negative regulator of VEGFA- and VEGFC-mediated lymphangiogenesis by limiting the amount of free VEGFA and/or VEGFC and preventing their binding to FLT4. Modulates FLT1 and FLT4 signaling by forming heterodimers. Binding of vascular growth factors to isoform 1 leads to the activation of several signaling cascades. Activation of PLCG1 leads to the production of the cellular signaling molecules diacylglycerol and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and the activation of protein kinase C. Mediates activation of MAPK1/ERK2, MAPK3/ERK1 and the MAP kinase signaling pathway, as well as of the AKT1 signaling pathway. Mediates phosphorylation of PIK3R1, the regulatory subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton and activation of PTK2/FAK1. Required for VEGFA-mediated induction of NOS2 and NOS3, leading to the production of the signaling molecule nitric oxide (NO) by endothelial cells. Phosphorylates PLCG1. Promotes phosphorylation of FYN, NCK1, NOS3, PIK3R1, PTK2/FAK1 and SRC.

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Uniprot primary ID P35968
PDB ID 2X1W 3EWH 2P2H 2MEU 4AG8 2X1X 3B8R 3WZD 3WZE 3B8Q 3V6B 3V2A 3CPB 3CPC 1VR2 3VID 2RL5 3C7Q 1Y6A 1Y6B 3S36 3BE2 4ASD 4ASE 3CJF 3CJG 3VO3 2OH4 3DTW 3VHK 1YWN 2M59 3CP9 2MET 2P2I 3VHE 4AGD 2QU5 2QU6 3S37 3KVQ 3S35 4AGC 3U6J 3VNT 3EFL 2XIR
DrugBank ID DB09079 DB09078 DB06626 DB01268 DB06589 DB08896 DB08901
BioGrid ID 109992
PharmGKB ID PA30086
KEGG ID hsa:3791
STRING ID 9606.ENSP00000263923
IntAct ID P35968
DMDM 9087218
Reactome R-HSA-216083 R-HSA-4420097 R-HSA-195399 R-HSA-194306 R-HSA-3928663 R-HSA-5218921
SignaLink P35968
Entrez Gene (Gene ID) 3791
BindingDB P35968

  Model Performance Metrics

Fingerprint type Sensitivity SEN_std Specificity SPE_std Accuracy ACC_std F1-score F1-score_std AUC AUC_std MCC MCC_std Download model
FP2 fingerprints 0.905 0.005 0.809 0.000 0.857 0.005 0.860 0.000 0.920 0.000 0.714 0.005 Download
Estate fingerprints 0.840 0.000 0.740 0.000 0.790 0.000 0.800 0.000 0.860 0.000 0.578 0.004 Download
MACCS fingerprints 0.850 0.000 0.728 0.000 0.789 0.003 0.800 0.000 0.850 0.000 0.579 0.003 Download
Daylight fingerprints 0.832 0.004 0.688 0.000 0.760 0.000 0.780 0.000 0.820 0.000 0.530 0.000 Download
ECFP2 fingerprints 0.946 0.005 0.834 0.000 0.890 0.000 0.890 0.000 0.950 0.000 0.780 0.000 Download
ECFP4 fingerprints 0.910 0.000 0.912 0.005 0.911 0.003 0.911 0.003 0.960 0.000 0.830 0.000 Download
ECFP6 fingerprints 0.880 0.000 0.920 0.004 0.900 0.000 0.900 0.000 0.960 0.000 0.804 0.005 Download

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